He also gets a little lesson on bicycle safety from Mr. Boyd. Barney and the kids talk about feelings. Barney takes his friends to a forest and teaches them about different animals. The kids are jealous of one another, as are BJ and Baby Bop. BJ learns a lesson about bragging when he tells everyone that he, as Captain Pickles, can leap over the moon. Eventually the group makes him a new baseball cap. Barney and Riff pretend to be veterinarians to help Baby Bop when her teddy bear is damaged. Our Favorite Rooms Fire Safety! With a little help from Barney, she goes on a trip to Lebanon and learns more about her heritage. When Daniel thinks that he is too little to do anything right, Barney tells him a version of the King Arthur legends, where Arthur pulls the sword out of a sandbox. ), How to Count to Ten (Having Tens of Fun! Opening and Closing to Barney's Camera Safari and Alphabet Soup with Barney 1998 VHS (Demo Version) Opening and Closing to Barney: I Can Be a Firefighter and At Home with Animals 1998 VHS (Demo Version) Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Ballet (1999 Lyrick Studios VHS) Opening and Closing to Tweenies - Ballet (2000 Lyrick Studios VHS) Baby Bop sees a half-moon and thinks the moon is broken. Making New Friends! This VHS in includes previews for Waiting for Santa & Making New Friends. I have ones in English, Spanish, Hebrew, etc., even Kids for Character. The kids think about growing up for jobs in their futures. in New York City), La Isla de la Imaginación (Imagination Island), Zoologico de Letras/Cantos y Juegos con Mama Gansa (Alphabet Zoo/Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose), Buenos Modales/Feliz Cumpleaños Barney (Barney's Best Manners/Barney's Birthday), Let's Imagine with Barney (Queen of Make Believe), Family Is Love (My Family's Just Right for Me), Go for a Ride in the Car (Are We There Yet? The kids prepare for their school's Show and Tell presentation, with Stephen bringing in a box of hats for dress-up fun. Ryan thinks about cheating during a fishing contest. Barney and the kids search for Stephen's lost stuffed bear. Barney tells Riff the story of his great-great-grandfather Riffle, a sheriff who took on an outlaw named Bossy Bop. Barney wonders what it would be like for him to have his own car. C $18.74. When a bookworm is eating Mother Goose's book, Barney and his friends help her rewrite her famous rhymes. The gang puts together a special package for a friend who has moved away. Barney, Baby Bop, BJ, and the kids are planning a Sports Day in the park. As he does this, Barney and the kids do activities and sing songs using each letter. (Barney's Musical Castle Live! "The Sword in the Sandbox: A Storybook Adventure". Curtis tries to be more like Booker T. Bookworm. Dr. TickTock stops by the school to make a special watch for Baby Bop. The gang works together to earn money to buy Goldie (the school goldfish) a plant, a castle, and another fish. It hit of stores on September 26, 1995 as Riding in Barney's Car, which was the last tape to contain the 1992 Barney Home Video logo. Mr. Boyd is unsure what color to paint the hallway. Barney and his friends learn about the four food groups and how healthy food is good for one's body. Barney and the kids learn about trees and how they grow. Riff and Baby Bop hold a sale in the park to raise money for a new scooter for BJ after Riff wrecks his pal's old one. Gregory Sierra Family. While in Kenya, they meet Ayira who introduces them to many people, cultures and animals of Kenya. Barney teaches his friends about the "ins" and "outs" as Angela sets her box turtle Terry free. To prepare for a surprise party in the classroom, Barney and Baby Bop shop for different items they will need. BJ gets a stomachache from an overdose of pancakes. The park has an international festival, which enables Barney and the kids to learn about Kenya, Brazil, Germany, Italy and South Korea. Barney teaches the kids how to use their imaginations to turn ordinary things, such as a stick, into fun playthings. Barney Collection 2 is a Hebrew-language Barney video that contains portions of the Hebrew-language versions of The Queen of Make-Believe, My Family's Just Right for Me, Hop to It, Eat, Drink and Be Healthy, May I Help You, Hoo's in the Forest, The Treasure of Rainbow Beard, Red, Blue and Circles Too, Be a Friend, Alphabet Soup, Shawn and the Beanstalk, Carnival of … While there, the kids learn about the culture and geography. Barney and the kids play different kinds of ball games, using Barney's Vend-O-Ball Machine. Jackson, Miguel, Rachel, and "Dr. Whitney" play check-up to see how they have grown. Barney surprises them by bringing all of their families to enjoy the picnic with them. Barney and the kids discusses things that are shaped like circles. While there, they learn about France and how to paint by following their heart. October 4, 1995 () Stella the Storyteller visits to tell them a story about pirates. The kids learn about the rules of fire safety and also get to see how the controls work in the cab of a fire truck. Kioko is sad and Ben wants to make things right, so he and Barney travel to Switzerland in search of a replacement gift. The trip doesn't turn out so well, but Barney explains that Riff shouldn't give up dreaming. Barney teaches that everyone can't tell from the outside what someone might be like on the inside. Barney shows the others that even he can't do everything the kids can. Derek and Michael disagree about who gets to keep a picture of Barney they made together. Barney talks about the value of staying healthy and pretends to give the kids a checkup. Baby Bop, however, gets confused between a tiger and a kitty cat, so Barney teaches everyone that there are different species of "cats" living in the world. Monty passes through the park with a flock of friends on their way to Mexico. Author Tomie DePaola visits. During a rainstorm, Barney and his friends go to the treehouse to discover a bird's nest. For many, it was chaotic, stressful, exhausting, heartbreaking, and filled with a lot of uncertainty and unknowns, but for others, 2020 was a year of success and perseverance. Season 14 consists of repackaged Season 10 and 11 episodes, but is still noted as a separate season. 1997 & 1998: Imagine (The Queen of Make-Believe) Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday, Barney!) A new friend has joined the gang and Barney makes sure that Colleen fits in and doesn't feel awkward. BJ is excited for a camping trip, but can't stand waiting for it. It's time for the evening concert with Mr. Boyd and his brass band. Barney takes the kids to Hawaii on a quest for a bird of paradise. Barney & Friends is an American children's television series that originally ran on PBS Kids from April 6, 1992 to November 2, 2010. “Everybody lived together — grandmother, grandfather, aunt, two uncles, mother, father … gradually everyone went their way.” This episode was released on VHS as Riding in Barney's Car. This leads to a lesson on animals and their different types of homes that they live in. Barney and his friends all pitch in to help her clean up. These episodes were … BJ takes credit for a portrait of Barney that he didn't paint. Ryan finds out what is special about himself, after he tries to be like Barney. Kali Tucker, who graduated from Fleming College’s one-year esthetician program in August 2019, established her business on Lily Lake Road in Selwyn Township, just north of the … BJ discovers fun things to do in the summer time, including relaxing activities. Min looks for someone to adopt a lonely puppy her dog gave birth to. After a storm drives the kids inside, Barney helps them chase their fears away. Barney steps in when a wheelchair-bound child is ignored by his friends, as they suggest games he can't participate in. Barney Rhymes with Mother Goose (May 26, 1993), Barney's Home Sweet Homes (August 25, 1993), Down On Barney's Farm (February 12, 1998), Barney's Magical Musical Adventure (January 27, 1993), Let's Pretend with Barney (January 9, 1994), Barney's Families Are Special (February 7, 1995), Barney's Parade of Numbers (July 2, 1996), Barney's Making New Friends (August 8, 1995), Riding In Barney's Car (September 26, 1995), Barney's All Aboard For Sharing (January 23, 1996), Barney Happy Mad Silly Sad-Putting a Face to Feelings, Barney's Once Upon A Time (Video Tape 65), Barney's Exercise Circus and Parade of Numbers, Barney's Sense-Sational Day (Video Tape 67), Barney's Outdoor Fun aka Barney's Camp WannaRunnaRound (Video Tape 22), Barney's Good Clean Fun and Oh Brother She's My Sister (Video Tape 76 & 77), My Party With Barney (Personalized Video), Sing and Dance with Barney (Video Tape 34), Walk Around the Block with Barney (Video Tape 46), Let's Play School aka Barney's ABCs & 123s, Barney's Night Before Christmas (Video Tape 34), Barney's You Can Be Anything (Video Tape 10), Barney's Round and Round We Go (Video Tape 01), Barney Songs From the Park (Video Tape 30), Barney's Read with Me Dance with Me (Video Tape 03), Barney Happy Mad Silly Sad (Video Tape 72), Barney Let's Pretend With Barney (Video Tape 33), Let's Go To The Beach (previously released as, El Castillo Musical de Barney ¡en vivo! BJ injures his foot and can't play outside, so Barney suggests that he reads to help pass the time. Riff loses his drumsticks, but he's sure he left them in one of the neighborhoods he visited, so Barney helps him remember those places. ), La Gran Sorpresa de Barney (Barney's Big Surprise! After learning about different countries on a globe, Barney takes the kids on a trip to visit his friends in Scotland, Israel, Africa, China, and Mexico. Buy the BARNEY:NUMBERS (HEBREW) - Format: [DVD Movie] at a super low price. Numbers (Carnival of Numbers) Colors (The Treasure of Rainbow Beard) Eating Right (Eat, Drink and Be Healthy!) I assume Loach was making a specific reference though. "The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure". Baby Bop shows an interest in boats, so Barney shows her some vessels on a computer. He gets his friends to make masks of faces. : A Wild West Adventure". This leads to Barney suggesting that BJ and Baby Bop switch identities for the day. Riff, who doesn't want to be around bugs, is less than thrilled when BJ turns the caboose into a bug zoo. Fire safety is the subject as a firefighter inspects the caboose. C $20.08. Ryan's grandfather is coming to visit him, so he can't go to the movie theater with Barney and the others. Barney takes him, BJ, and Baby Bop on an adventure to China where he can learn more about his new sister's heritage. He isn't sure if he's going to be a good brother, and he doesn't know much about China. As Earth Day comes to an end, Barney reminds them all that taking good care of our Earth is the natural thing to do for everyone. When Nick, Mario, Whitney, and Gianna receive mysterious invitations to a picnic, along with instructions to bring a family treasure, they are all very confused. After Min leaves for a trip to her grandmother's house, Barney takes the kids on a trip to "Imagination City". Barney and his friends pretend to explore different types of rooms in a house. Barney shows it's fun to go to new places and see new things by taking them on an imaginary journey.

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