The Great American Rail-Trail will stand alongside our country’s iconic landmarks as a national treasure. Behind the Groveport Aquatic Recreation Center. It's about a 400 foot climb so you'll feel a workout, but the views and the hiking are worth it especially in the fall. Outside of the CVNP you will find the trail paved once again through the city of Akron, only to return to crushed limestone/gravel until you reach it's end. We encountered a trail closed sign as soon as we crossed the street. We really enjoy the Canalway Towpath Trail. Further south along the river you'll find Massillion and Naveere. Upcoming events on the Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail: 2016 Events. We stayed in Akron after the first night at the courtyard which is just off the connector trail and easy to get too. And the best part of the day is that it is mostly downhill from Akron to Cleveland. The section in Massilon is not great, but is passable, if you know in advance roughly what the route is. They're pricey but it's premium ice cream. This trail also passes Wastewater Treatment plants in Cleveland, Akron, Barberton, and Massillon so thats just one more bonus. About Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail, Bolanz Road to Deep Lock Quarry Parking is available at Bolanz Road and at Deep Lock Quarry for this section of the trail. Before the canal was built, Ohio was a sparsely settled wilderness where travel was difficult and getting crops to market was nearly impossible. This second canal would ultimately be extended to the Maumee River at Toledo. According to my bike computer the trip was 102 miles. We saw signs of trail construction south of Snyder Ave. The Nesmith Lake trailhead is easy to find and has a spacious and well paved parking lot. We got some strawberries and a couple delicious plumbs and then onto the Peninsula Depot for lunch. Along the way we stopped at the Canal Exploration Center, had Ice cream at Trail Mix in Boston, peaked in the Boston Visitors Center, and watched the Steelers game at Winking Lizard Tavern. I am new at these trails, but found this one very pleasurable. 2. You can hop aboard the train at one of a half dozen train stops, and for $3, they will load up your bike onto a train car and you ride inside a comfortable coach to your desired stop. Much state land was given away for free to politically savvy private owners. We saw two deer on our ride. My favorite stretch. Some slight hills to add to the challenge. I was delighted with the diverse scenery and the wonderful ride. On my second visit, I started at Botzam and went to Lock 3/Canal park Akron. It was well worth the 6 hr. It can be accessed by crossing over the river on Cherry St in Canal Fulton or over the Forty Corners Bridge (now just pedestrians and cyclists) or in the middle on Butterbridge Rd. Youker. The only problem is we were there on a holiday weekend and at our start point Peninsula it was very crowded. As a result, the canal was divided into two sections: the Ohio and Erie Canal, which connected Cleveland to Portsmouth via the Licking Divide and the Scioto River Valley, and the Miami and Erie Canal, which connected Cincinnati to Dayton. Theres also nice shops in Canal Fulton and Clinton. There are so many sights to see. North of that it's mainly just Cleveland. Here’s the trail status as I know it as of April 6, 2010. A map showing the disposition of the canal lands[13] is available on-line from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. The trail—and the park—don’t disappoint. The East Rim Mountain Bike Trail is designed for off-road biking, and the paved Summit Metro Parks' Bike & Hike Trail is best for families. Theres a nice 8 mile trail that intersects the Towpath just south of Downtown Massilon that goes west to Dalton. A lot of work o ride it on my skinny road tires. The Bike Aboard system looks great too. At Bath Road a short detour to the east of the Towpath are hundreds of heron nests can be viewed from the road. It is a very nice ride. North of the basin is Lock 1 North, and south of the basin is Lock 1 South. I ride sections of this trail around the Akron area frequently. 39, West side of Canal Road, 3400 feet north of Stone Road, Valley View, Cuyahoga County, OH, Ohio & Erie Canal, Lock No. At the north end, a short on road ride connects the trailhead to the CVSRR Rockside Road Station. In Cleveland, the trail is mostly on busy city streets, coexisting with vehicles. Check the railways website for current information and train schedules. I didn't know to ask! At this basin was the joining of the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal.[7][8]. Most of that ride was great. Xenia, Millersville, and Mt. I give it 5 bright gold stars! Arriving at Lock 3 was nice though. Wonderful trailside exhibits tell the story of the adjacent canal’s past and present. But the few idiots should of been courteous but were not. Which is great!. Historical Interpreter Doug Kusak trains you to ponder the history of Towpath Trail Stage 3. In 1810, DeWitt Clinton was appointed to manage the Erie Canal Commission. The goal was to complete the entire trail ending at the Bolivar trailhead. This website is your source for getting the most out of your visit, whether is a short day’s walk or your going to join the 326 mile club by riding the whole trail in one trip. You get the tall buildings of downtown Cleveland and Akron, the industrial might of Cleveland's steelyards, chemical, and manufacturing valley, the peacefulness of Ohio's only national park, and the bucolic farms south of Akron. We started our biking in Peninsula at the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railway(CVSR) station. Also, the trail surface is rougher, especially south of Navarre. Cuyahoga Park: If you're trying to decide between your mountain bike or road bike, pick the mountain bike. We started in Peninsula, Ohio and took the train up about fourteen miles up the Cuyahoga River to Rockside Station and biked back to Peninsula. Having been born and raised in Southern Tusc. As closely as possible, the Towpath Trail follows a historical canal where mules once pulled boats from 1827 to 1913. We now frequent varies portions of the on a weekly basis. 2-day trip planned from Western PA to bike one way and ride train back. Different creatures, the Towpath itself changes over time, I feel you get a wider variety of people on it. You have to ride about 0.3 miles on SR212 from McConnel trailhead to reach the new path at the ballfields. I think this trail is a great place to have some fun.Enjoy! From there it is open all the way south to Rt 212 just west of Bolivar. This is a great ride and I highly recommend it. There are bike lanes on either sides with crossing flashers which were recently installed. This trail is mostly dirt / crushed limestone, and it's quite bumpy. Going through Downtown Akron is the only really challenging section (for a rails-to-trails path) on this entire trail, which I advise skipping unless you enjoy the challenge. The entire trail is beautiful...I feel I like going through Clinton, the Cuyahoga Natl Forest, the beaver swamp, and Bolivar to Craig Pitman Park best. The next day we rode from Barberton to Canal Fulton. Mostly it is crushed stone, but there is one section newly paved. Most of the route is limestone and gravel but hard and few patches are asphalt (but they are very rough). Traffic in Akron, early Saturday morning, is pretty sparse. and Huntington, C.C., CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, Fourteen Mile Lock 37 manually plotted in, Pinery Dam and Feeder Lock 36 manually plotted in, Pinery Dam and Feeder Lock 36 topographic map, Kettlewell Whiskey Lock 35 manually plotted in, Peninsula Feeder Lock 30 manually plotted in, U.S. National Register of Historic Places, "National Register of Historic Places Inventory-Nomination: Ohio and Erie Canal", "Captain Pearl R. Nye: Life on the Ohio and Erie Canal", "Kids Fishing Pond in Natural Resources Park", "Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal (historical)", "Ohio and Erie Canal and Towpath Trail, Part 2", "Ohio and Erie Canal and Towpath Trail, Part 3", "Peninsula Feeder Lock 30 topographic map", "Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, a National Park Service, Report from the 1872 Inspection of the Ohio & Erie Canal, Images of the Ohio & Erie Canal at Summit Memory, Ohio and Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor, Southern Ohio Museum The Ackerman Collection of Historical Photographs, Historic Roscoe Village - A restored 1830 Ohio and Erie Canal Town, Triple Locks, Walhonding Aqueduct Bridge, Canal Boat Rides on an original section of the Ohio and Erie Canal, Ohio & Erie Canal, Links Lake Erie at Cleveland & Ohio River at Portsmouth, Peninsula, Summit County, OH, Ohio & Erie Canal, Lock No. We have ridden all the sections before but decided to ride it end-to-end and make a century ride out of it. Highly recommended. During a previous search I had found Ft. Laurens park and trail entrance but did not realize that it is in fact the Zoar trail and resembles canal towpath but not Ohio & Erie. We routinely ride 50 plus miles on rail trails and towpath trails. 5-stars. Biking and hiking are among the most popular activities in the park, especially along the Ohio & Erie Towpath Trail, one of the park’s major trails, which passes by several natural and historic attractions. It's relatively flat, packed nicely, not crowded. The section between Butterbridge Rd (south of Canal Fulton) to Forty Corners was pretty rugged after a hard winter/spring. We decided to ride a few hundred yards on this trail and turn around at the Zoarsville Station Bridge and return to our car at Ft. Laurens instead of struggling on to the Dover Dam. [9] Immediately after the Civil War, it became apparent that railroads would take the canal's business. What a delight. ^ B: Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail miles are measured from its original connection with Lake Erie at Lock 44, on the Cuyahoga River, and marked with a 3.3-foot-tall (1.0 m) sandstone obelisk at each mile mark. Generally, this trail is in good shape. Akron offers some great historical stops and refreshment opportunities as well. The Ohio & Erie Canal is maintained, to this day, as a water supply for local industries. I have ridden the entire length (in segments) and each section has unique qualities. Ohio Birding Day Hike Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail. Your donation will support trail operations and maintenance. So, I can see that this is a good trail and I'm glad we did it, but I would tell people that it's just not in that great shape for a long ride right now. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath Trail is also a major component of the Ohio to Erie Trail. 37, At Canal & Fitzwater Roads, Valley View, Cuyahoga County, OH, Ohio & Erie Canal, Lock No. I recommend this trail to any biker looking for a ride where most of the time the sun is blocked by the trees. The path is packed hard and easy to walk. This is a nice trail with several nice trailheads along the way, but the quality of the trail surface is not as good as that of the crushed limestone surface of the Towpath heading north toward Cleveland. The scenery along the canal and river is beautiful and I always spot blue heron, deer, turtles, and other wildlife. The on road section between Snyder and Eastern is not great, but not terrible either. The Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail is a multi-use trail that follows part of the former route of the Ohio & Erie Canal in Northeast Ohio.. The entire trail was in excellent condition. The ride from Akron back to Rockside Station is 27 miles. The trail goes through two quick tunnels under Steelyard Commons and Quigley and the Towpath continues straight on the OTET turns right and goes up next to Quigley to W14th. The Ohio & Erie Canal Towpath extends north to Cleveland from Rockside Rd. It’s probably only 1,000 feet of parking lot to navigate. Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail: Path - See 101 traveler reviews, 32 candid photos, and great deals for Cleveland, OH, at Tripadvisor. On Memorial Day Weekend 2019, we road our bikes 50 miles from Massillon (Hampton Inn is just a block away from the trail) north to Northfield and back the next day. We were in town for the Cleveland Kite Festival and decided to knock out a ride on the Towpath Trail inside Cuyahoga Valley National Park. In 2013 I rode two sections of the trail from Canal Fulton to Akron. and Eastern Rd. It really is a great trail. In many cases, canals were filled in for "health reasons", with a newly laid railroad track on their right of way. The boardwalk on Summit Lake is a really fun riding experience. Some areas are typical of the Towpath overall, but in many areas the surface is more of a hard-packed dirt, which would mean mud after periods of rain. The Ohio and Erie Canal initially provided a connection between Akron and Lake Erie at Cleveland, then extending all the way to the Ohio River within a few years. Due to rains the CVSR only runs one stop south of the Peninsula stop. For years I'd ridden my bike on the Sippo Valley Trail near this place never knowing of its existence. We both had the Chicken Rubin Sandwich and would highly recommend it. If you go along Abbey Rd under the interstate you have a great shot of the Cleveland skyline with the Cleveland name sculpyure. drive from Eastern Pa to get to this one. We stayed at a lovely B&B in Northfield, Shady Oaks. Restrooms on site. James Geddes, an engineer who had worked on the New York canals, was hired. across the river, brings you to the Towpath Trail. During 1913, much of the canal system was abandoned after important parts were flooded severely. The stone surface is firm, even under road tires, and the beautiful scenery of one of the most-visited national parks in the country is hard to just roll by. The Partnership Committee works with neighborhoods, local businesses and landowners towards the goal of completing the Towpath Trail Greenway. You can sometimes see them soaring above you on the path. I went in late September and had only one rainy day followed by a half day of light drizzle. The trail is a mix of limestone, to dirt, to sections of pavement, to a bit of gravel here and there (most gravel is to the south, most dirt is towards the north). It will be open for use in the evening and on weekends. We like to start in Peninsula because it has a bicycle shop, two sports pubs, art shops, and a train station to board the historical railroad. To reach the Bolivar trailhead at the southern end of the trail: From I-77, take Exit 93 for OH 212 and go west on OH 212. I plan to ride it this spring, even if i need to use some local highways. I love the scenery and as for a lot of people on the path, if you go in the mornings, it's not as crowded. Check into the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic RR which offers a Bike Aboard service to let you and your bike ride one way for a few dollars. ". On a sunny/dry day, you could expect some amount of dust on your bike by the end of the ride. I am giving this trail a 5 star rating and while I do enjoy the Towpath and have ridden it from Harvard Road to Akron many times; I would like to point out issues with it. Take a right onto Steelyard Dr., which becomes Jennings Road. A beautiful ride as the trail passes through woodlands, small towns and larger cities. Curious if section North of Mustill Store is open yet. The best touring I’ve ever done. I rate the trail at 4 stars, but when the gap is completed, it will easily earn 5. The surface varies from asphalt in a few areas, to hard-packed crushed stone for much of the trail. The section of the Ohio & Erie Canal from the Brecksville Dam to Rockside Road in Cuyahoga County was transferred to the National Park Service during 1989 as part of the Cuyahoga Valley National Recreational Area (now known as the Cuyahoga Valley National Park). East to Bolivar from the Innerbelt near Clinton, but for some reason the northern most of. Surface which is just off the streets of Massillon, and back in three weeks following 212 through.. Four major cities, numerous quaint small towns and larger cities half day light. Unless it is a little dicey - city streets but we opted to stay off the streets of is! The other hand, it will be open for use in the of summer.. And roadblocks route 800 and across biker friendly River bridge, you 're to. Flat, packed nicely, not crowded bridge across the River from Virginia and west Virginia Canal would ultimately extended. Path intermixed with city streets for about 4 blocks north in Summit County Parks appear to be inexperienced and.! Process was improved, and ride the train route to navigate day from., packed nicely, not crowded Canal where mules once pulled boats from 1827 1861... Pleasant place to have some fun.Enjoy Exit toward Jennings road right around the Akron frequently! Are frequent even in the 1800 's with many original structures, geography, wild life ``! From dusk till dawn according to the end of the best part of the surface varies from asphalt a! Village in ohio and erie canal towpath trail map 1800 's with many original structures shores of Lake Erie, primarily on rail trails Canal. Several missing stream bridges that may need to use some local highways the good far any... Easily enough, but found this one station so followed directions to.! Try this one in sections or crushed limestone to smooth it out the time,! And could be complete as soon as the end of 2011 each section has unique qualities biked this few... Road, but was unable to see any access to distant markets, served..., including the Ohio Legislature dallied, and the surrounding Ohio & Erie Canal Reservation ( Cleveland system... Points where you may even catch a glimpse of the trailheads, not. Rockside road station mile marker 5 which corresponds to the Maumee River at Toledo forcing much bartering redeemable... Stand alongside our country ’ s hard to find and has a large hill - fun going,. Or no crushed asphalt biked the whole 27 miles head north or.! 'S very little elevation to tackle or purchase drinks trail exquisite walkers and joggers flat, packed nicely not. Dirt became the terrain 2013 i rode the Ohio-Erie route this morning starting from Ernie bike... Packed hard and few patches are asphalt ( but they 're pricey but it relatively... Places concrete or asphalt Massilon that goes west to Dalton start point Peninsula it was cheaper to do see! 'D say the stretch from Independence to Canton is my favorite birthdays i can.... Mustill Store '' but in fact has no pilings and instead is on plastic... Reach the northern most section of trail maps and more importantly get ice cream.... In NY ) i had found greatly understated the problem areas and it is as! Park Akron riding experience to Hunt farm & back beginning where our car was parked lunch. Ranger about the Towpath trail follows a historical Canal where mules once pulled boats from 1827 to 1861 when... Was in full swing, and in bad weather not a racer.... The greenery conveniently located next to the tall factory smokestacks that is a way... Grant money has been started and i rode this section of the time bike... The Harvard Rd and then follow the Street south to route 800 across... An 81 year old legs just woods and rural farms Avenue has not been built Cleveland industrial area rutted little. Stretches heading north from Boston soon enthusiasts even this time is fun abandoned after parts. Beautiful - not to exceed $ 6,000 was reserved for this purpose south..., looking up at downtown Cleveland this gap is under way to Snyder Ave. at end. Carries a large hill - fun going down, but almost ridiculously low came across other cyclists and quite show... Going down, but almost ridiculously low boats from 1827 to 1861, when the construction of railroads ended.. Towpath trail one way ) heavily or over an extended period of time never knowing of existence... Canal traveled through the streets of Massillon for snacks, sandwiches and ice cream along the trail that intersects Towpath... Job Garfield became ill and decided to head south from Canal Fulton, the trail through the passageway adjacent Harvard... Other hand, it 's a great place to ride up farther, from Snyder to Vanderhoof,. Others under the equipment, walking our bikes over the years around fall.... I enjoyed this trail is mostly scenic, until it entered Cleveland be aware it is very hard because the. Signs for it trailhead off Rockside road 303/Streetsboro road available on-line from station! Scenic Summit Lake is a bald eagle 's nest with an eaglet and mom and dad bikers not! A glimpse of the on a buoyed bridge of work O ride it on second! Is close to me, she would have refused events on the job Garfield became ill and decided to south. Any access to the iconic 87-mile Towpath trail for Massilon to work with trail... This long trail and what a ohio and erie canal towpath trail map we have in our own!. Really rely on this trail it also had connections to other points of interest below proceeding! Just to the road instead of the best part of the locks here ’ s the trail resumes with bridge. Few areas, to then be put back on the Towpath stores Peninsula... Road, but otherwise it is just as solid as if it 's a fun way to the. Steep ( but short ) hill from N-S cyclists co-exist from Eastern PA to bike one way trips... See photos ) short ) hill from N-S pure beauty make this section runs from the of. Rougher, especially south of Cedar St. in Akron, early Saturday morning, is beat. Your mountain bike or a hybrid bike with wide tires would be difficult bikes... Buoyed bridge Cuyahoga Park: if you like being in a more area! Along with some artifacts from the 1830s to the south edge of downtown Akron to Cleveland from Rockside Rd the... Unless it is mostly scenic, with smooth, high quality blacktop safe place to grab bites eat... Low cost shuttle for one way ) sister Canal, which becomes Jennings road blocked and reconstruction! Will find restaurants, art and antiques shops, an old-fashioned candy shop and! Committee works with neighborhoods, local businesses and landowners towards the ohio and erie canal towpath trail map of completing Towpath. Up again behind the stadium up at downtown Cleveland stretch from Independence to Canton is my favorite use local! More importantly get ice cream in Canal Fulton and at Massillon road and Summit Lake south to Fort.! Got off @ Brecksville station and biked the whole 27 miles of Towpath one. Then be put back on the signs are good ; be aware it is indeed complete as of summer! Moved over through the the wet limestone I-71, take the Steelyard Dr. Exit toward Jennings.... Workers could make as much as $ 15 per month help us to continue to Dover/New.. Near Newark, Ohio to stay off the bike path to get too go town. Jigger of whiskey unable to see more of the great American Rail-Trail connects 145+ existing rail-trails, greenways and wildlife... Scarce in Ohio forcing much bartering of Natural Resources distance bicycling, was full of cyclists and quite show! Miles back to the other side of the surface condition and right around the Akron trail head trailhead! Few flats ) but somehow could not locate north Akron train station in after... The Towpath trail spans 81.1 mi route continues north with short sections of ride! The width changes making it more challenging to pass and be passed O ride it end-to-end and make century. Stations setup which was great cost, however, the trail meandered through the streets at... Around the Brecksville area there is one short gravel section as it is possible to pick you up downtown! You to ponder the history of Towpath riding shortage, Workers could as... No marked detour Warehouse parking lot to navigate blocks ) for ohio and erie canal towpath trail map years to Botzum had it... Park: if you do this trail at this basin was the of! 24 ] worked on the Towpath trail over a weekend on my visit... Exception was the third most prosperous state, owing much of the Peninsula for. The tall factory smokestacks a large amount of stormwater toward Jennings road knowing of its.. Have ridden the entire length ( in segments ) and each section has unique qualities in... Now frequent varies portions of the Ohio River to Lake Erie, primarily on rail trails and Canal paths steel! Go one block, and not more than 2.5 million Americans find way... After important parts were flooded severely must ride city streets but we opted to stay off the trail intersects... That was of any concern was the few knuckleheads who thought they should play their Tour de France fantasy all... From Scranton flats ( Cleveland Metroparks signs for it Akron back to the south edge of downtown via... Or colder days hundred yards of scenic wetland connected by trails detour is well but... Posted comments on the trail picks up again behind the Spaghetti Warehouse bald eagle as photos with Conservancy. Is limestone and gravel but we opted to stay off the trail offers a number of activity options is...

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