On the one-year anniversary of his adoption, Battersea Dogs and Cats … Anyway, by November the Osbornes had decided that her wanderings put her at too much risk and it would be better if she left Downing Street. Flotsam but please allow all images to load before doing so, or some may not display If you'd like to comment please contact me, Sybil    In 2011, Larry was banned from the Prime Minister's quarters in 10 Downing Street as his fur was ruining the Prime Minister's fresh suits. There were some reports that she'd returned to their Scottish home in Edinburgh, but as far as we can gather, although that was what the Darlings wanted for her, it did not happen. Nemo used to accompany the Wilsons when they took their annual holiday to the Scilly Isles, off the south-west coast of Cornwall.